San Francisco Prosthodontist Dentist



Annie Glaser
Front Office Manager

Annie is a born and raised San Franciscan with a Norwegian background. Being from a family of small business owners, she is super smart and organized. Annie has a great sense of humor and magical ways to calm anyone. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family and has a cute dog named Lily.

Ada Seto

Ada is native San Franciscan. After graduating from UC Davis, she continued to pursue dental hygiene as her career choice.
On top of being an excellent, gentle, detail oriented hygienist, Ada also has a passion for cosmetics and makeup artistry.
Patients absolutely love her great communication and hand skills.

Brenda Rivera
Dental Assistant

Brenda is a California native. Other than enjoying working in dentistry, she loves great food, cooking, and hanging out with friends and family. She was also a competitive video gamer and enjoys outdoor activities, like hiking and street exploration. Brenda speaks fluent Spanish and is our champion for taking radiographs and impressions.